Francesca Woodman is an American Photographer. She was born in Colorado in April 1958 and then died at a young age in New York in January 1981. Woodman is best know for her black and white photos. The subjects within her work included her and female models. Then from time to time Woodman used male models for her work.

Woodman deals with gender and identity in her body of work. We have also seen around the time the Woodman’s work, Cindy Sherman also working with identity and gender. Why is this? What i get from looking at her photos is that she is showing off the different sides of woman. Their family backgrounds, ethnicity. Also looking at her work she deals with nudity. This is a venerable moment for any one. Some of the models are hunched over, others are coving their bodies almost ashamed, and others are their like “here i am”. Woodman also played with “Blurring” the images too. She was able to have a “Blurred” image by movement and a long exposure times.

“Appropriation in art is the use of pre-existing objects or images with little or no transformation applied to them” (Definition from  One of Woodman’s work was appropriated. The piece of work was “Untitled Rome” 1977-1978, had taken place with in a room. Woodman is hanging (my her arms) in a door frame with a chair that is just off-set. Fast forward to 2007, Muurizo Cathela remade this piece, but as a sculpture. When it came time to back up this piece and transport it, the person was put into a create. The artist of this piece like the human sculpture so much with in the create, it was shown at the next exhibit in the create. Then in 2010, Vanessa Blaylock made an “avatar” version of the sculpture in the create, Woodwards original piece was a photograph of herself. This 2-D figure transformed into a 3-D replication, then into just a 3-D female in a create, then finally into a 2-D image.



Largely, Francesca Woodwan’s work has been stated as powerful, dark, sad, and more. To me she pushed boundaries within her field of work. Just some questions to ask yourself after looking at her work. How does this affect you? Does it make you sad?