This is a mixed media piece. The canvas size is 20×20″ with the back ground of oil paint, the “exit” in spray paint  and “at your own risk” in acrylic paint. Lately I have been messing around with spray paint. Using it on used wine bottles, my night stand, and even on a in process coffee table.

With the wording “exit at your own risk”, it could mean main different things in this day in age. My sister was talking about all of her friends who are still out here in southern california vrs. the friends out in New York. Most if not all of her friends out in New York (thats where she went to college) all got “big kid jobs” right after graduation. Then her friends here in Southern California still have yet to find a job or even complete college. (She graduated college in 2014). So exit at your own risk could lead to the “After life” of college were mommy and daddy won’t help you out anymore.

“Exit at your Own risk could also mean the on going political, issues here in America. Racial issues, Marriage issues, and as of today here in Califorina, a parent cannot use the “Religion” or “Personally beliefs” for not getting their child vaccinated. So exiting at your own risk when logging onto Facebook and etc. because you will be seeing and hearing things that will upset you.