Nikki S. Lee is a koren film maker and photographer. She was born in south Korea in 1970. Nikki is now back in Seoul, South Korea living and working. She was living and working in New York for some time. Nikki had earned her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) at Chung-Ang University in 1993. After completing her BFA, Nikki moved to New Work  to attend the Fashion Institue of Fashion in 1994. Then in 1998, Lee earned her Masters in Photography at New York University (NYU).

While still in school, Lee had made a book called “Projects”. The photos from the book ranged from 1997-2001. Lee was using a simple point and shoot camera to capture these images. Lee had posed with many different typed of people. She dove right into the American culture at the time. With in the book you will see different ethnic and social groups. Again here, we see another artist using identity with in their work.

Here are some images from the “Hip-Hop Project”


Here some images from the “Seniors Project”


Looking at some of these photos from the book we can learn several things. The 1st thing is how does foreign nations and people see us as americans? and Vice Versa, how do we as americans view other cultures? Also we can take away how other social groups here in America are too. Like the saying says, a photo is worth 1,000 words.