Snap chat is just another way for us to get in touch with our friends. This weekend I was defiantly the annoying friend how snap chatted a little to much. Sorry for the photos are out of order of when I took them.

This snap chat was down in San Diego. This is the weekend when Comi Con is in town. Needed a little pick me up while getting some donuts. This is defiantly a super hero for me.


I have a soft spot for sun sets and making them artisty


My friend and I decided to try out this Donut place in downtown San Diego for donuts. Because it was comi con this weekend they has some super hero themed donuts like Captain American, The Joker (Bat Man), and more.

Donut time

The name of this Place is called Donut Bar. I waited in line for about an hour and a half just to get donuts. I know it was a bit crazy. But it was worth it!

Donut Bar       

If you go to the Donut Bar’s instagram (@donutbar), You will see Conian O’Brian posing with donuts like this one here. Needed to get a snap of this since I too am a ginger.

o brian