Janet Cardiff was born in Canada in 1957. She works primarily with sound installations and sounds by itself. You will see Janet Cardiff work along side of her husband, George Bures Miller. Cardiff had met her husband while they were both studying at Edmonton. Currently both are living and working out of Berlin. The first time that Cardiff had gained family in the art world on an international level was in 1995 for her audio walks.

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Cardiff had grown up in Brussels Ontario Canada in a small village. She had attended Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. Then in 1980 she had earned her BFA. She moved on to studying at the University of Alberta where she earned here MVA in 1983. Cardiff at this point had been trained in, from her schooling, printmaking and photography. Looking at some of Cardiff’s early work, she had done large scale silkscreening.  (Silk Screen image from http://www.ulag.ca/db/items/browse/tag/Cardiff)

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Cardiff is best known for her art walks. For these’s works they are site specific works within the gallery or museum. Here is a youtube video of an inside view of how Cardiff and her husband work on an installation. The video is called “Lost in memory palace”. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAhrSiUeP2I) What is nice about this video is that it gives us as a viewer what the mindset of the artist. What really goes into their art.