Marina Abramovic was born in November 1946 to Vojo & Danica Abramovic. Abramovic  is a Serbian Perfromance artist who is now living and working in New York. She is intrigued with the relationship of the viewer and the performer. Abramovic also challenges her body and mind for the sake of the performance.

While growing up, her father had left the home. Abramovic mother took over the role of bother mother and father. Abramovic had stated that her mother had a “Military Style control of me and my bother”. Both of her parents were higher up officers in the Military. In the years to come, Abramovic  attending the Academy of Fine Arts from 1965 -1970 in Belgrade. She later attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb were she completed post graduate studies. When Abramovic started teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, she starts doing performance pieces.


Rhythm 10 was Abramovic first solo piece. Within this piece, Abramovic  incorporated tape recorders and knives. She had started playing a Russian game where she opened up her hand and played it down on the ground and started to jab the grand with the knife in between the open parts. Look at the picture above. Every time she had stabbed herself with the knife would would mention it to the tape recored of what had happened and pick of a new knife. Once she had gone through all 20 knives that she had played out, Abramovic would replay the tape back to herself. She studied tape, listened to the sounds and picturing the motioned in her head. “Once you enter into the performance state you can push your body to do things you absolutely could never normally do.” Abramovic had mentioned this statement when she had complete this piece. You can really see that she pushes herself to the limit with what does does for the sake of art.