Aaron Swartz is an American computer programmer who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in November 1986. Swartz unfortunately passed away in early 2013. He had passed away from suicided. Around the time of Swartz death, he had been “slapped” with upwards of $1 million dollars worth of fines and possibly needed to go to jail for around 35 years. It was said that he had downloaded articles from the internet database, JSTOR, in which was connected through a “hidden” computer that was connected to M.I.T. Swartz girlfriend stated “I believe Aaron’s death was caused by exhaustion, by fear, and by uncertainty”, although she was not 100% sure in why he committed suicided.

As stated above, Swartz was born and raised in Chicago and was the oldest child of Susan and Robert Swartz. Swartz’s father owned his own software company. From this Aaron had a passion for computers and anything involved with them. At the ripe old age of 13 he was awarded with ArsDigita Prize. Then by 14 Swartz started to work at the “Working Group”.

Throughout Swartz career he had focused on activism and civic awareness. Swartz had gotten the nickname “Hacktivist”. He had gotten his name for his awareness through his work on the internet and being able hack.