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Week 12 Artist of the Week: Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol was born in August of 1928 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Warhol is an American Artist who is best know for his pop art. Warhol was one of those artists who just didn’t dabble in one medium but 7 types of media’s. The medias he did were  hand drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, silk screening, sculpture, film, and music. A good chance of Warhol’s work deals with advertisement, artistic expression, and celerity culture. Through out Warhol’s career he has many piece of art,. Because of this, Warhol is the only artist today that has the largest museum dedicated to him in his home tome of Pittsburg, PA.


When thinking of Warhol, first thing comes to mind is the print of Marilyn Monroe. We see this print in many different colors, see them in single or double prints. This process that Warhol had used was silkscreening (That how was he was able to get perfect registration every time) and some painting. Some of Warhol’s other famous prints would be the Campbell Soup can(s).

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.29.27 PM

As mentioned above, Warhol had also done a few films. In this film he is eating burger king.

 between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement


Week 11 Activity: Fine Photography (Landscapes w/ a Corpse)

Fall 2

Fall 1

Death by being clumsy. I am naturally a clumsy person and comes out when I am in a rush to places. This is a remaindered to take it slow and not rush.

Week 11 Artist of the Week: Aaron Swartz


Aaron Swartz is an American computer programmer who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in November 1986. Swartz unfortunately passed away in early 2013. He had passed away from suicided. Around the time of Swartz death, he had been “slapped” with upwards of $1 million dollars worth of fines and possibly needed to go to jail for around 35 years. It was said that he had downloaded articles from the internet database, JSTOR, in which was connected through a “hidden” computer that was connected to M.I.T. Swartz girlfriend stated “I believe Aaron’s death was caused by exhaustion, by fear, and by uncertainty”, although she was not 100% sure in why he committed suicided.

As stated above, Swartz was born and raised in Chicago and was the oldest child of Susan and Robert Swartz. Swartz’s father owned his own software company. From this Aaron had a passion for computers and anything involved with them. At the ripe old age of 13 he was awarded with ArsDigita Prize. Then by 14 Swartz started to work at the “Working Group”.

Throughout Swartz career he had focused on activism and civic awareness. Swartz had gotten the nickname “Hacktivist”. He had gotten his name for his awareness through his work on the internet and being able hack.

Week 9 Art Activity: Automatic Drawing


This one I did with a colored pencil. Whats cool about these colored pencils when wet the look like a water color.


This one I did with a prisma marker. There were 2 sides that I used. You can see the difference with the thickness.


I like this one the most personally.


This one is was done with a regular 2b pencil

This weeks activity was defiantly interesting. I have done this on other art classes I have taken. Not my most favorite thing to do, but I have make me have to let go of what I think would be perfect.

Week 9 Artist of the Week: Joseph DeLappe

As I am looking through Google and its images about Joseph DeLappe falls into the category of New Media Art. As we look at the photo below we see a cheer leader visiting a prisoner. The website ( where I found this photo theres a video in how this particular piece is made but also who he creates these avatars.


Not only does  Joseph DeLappe work in the technical world, he works with the basic items such as card board.



Week 9 artist of the week: Eva & Franco Mattes


Eva & Franco Mattes are Italian artist who were both born in 1976. They first meet in 1994 in Madrid. Eva & Franco Mattes fall under Conceptual and New Media Art realism. The duo now reside and work in New York, but that can be caught traveling to & from the USA and Europe.

What is Conceptual or New Media art?

Conceptual art, sometimes simply called Conceptualism, is art in which the concept(s) or idea(s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns.” (

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.05.01 PM

Above is a photo of an Install by Joseph Kosuth called One and Three Chairs. What we are looking at here is a physical chair, then to the left we see a photo of that chair, and then to the right we see a definition of a chair.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.05.17 PM

This particular instal is by Eva & Franco Mattes, For everyone, for no one, Everyday. The chair aspect reminded my of Joseph Kosuth piece. The crumpled photo go the chair “could” be the photo of the chair from Joseph Kosuth.

“New media art is a genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, video games, computer robotics, 3D printing, and art as biotechnology.” (

Looking through google (going through websites and images), it really does seem that  Eva & Franco Mattes really pushes the limit on things. They make some of their art uncomfortable in some cases.


This photo here with the child and the computers. One thing i am getting about of this is what is technology going to do for this young generation. Is the Child trying t

o tell us something about technology?


Here we see winnie the pooh here beung taken down my Mario, The Hulk, Wonder woman, and a few other figures. What I am getting from this particular piece, is that as the child is getting older, so do their interest in “grown up” toys. So Mario over Winnie the Pooh and so forth. These figures below are taking down and desolation Wiinie because he is a “little Kid” toy.


Week 8 Artist of the week: Marina Abramovic


Marina Abramovic was born in November 1946 to Vojo & Danica Abramovic. Abramovic  is a Serbian Perfromance artist who is now living and working in New York. She is intrigued with the relationship of the viewer and the performer. Abramovic also challenges her body and mind for the sake of the performance.

While growing up, her father had left the home. Abramovic mother took over the role of bother mother and father. Abramovic had stated that her mother had a “Military Style control of me and my bother”. Both of her parents were higher up officers in the Military. In the years to come, Abramovic  attending the Academy of Fine Arts from 1965 -1970 in Belgrade. She later attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb were she completed post graduate studies. When Abramovic started teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, she starts doing performance pieces.


Rhythm 10 was Abramovic first solo piece. Within this piece, Abramovic  incorporated tape recorders and knives. She had started playing a Russian game where she opened up her hand and played it down on the ground and started to jab the grand with the knife in between the open parts. Look at the picture above. Every time she had stabbed herself with the knife would would mention it to the tape recored of what had happened and pick of a new knife. Once she had gone through all 20 knives that she had played out, Abramovic would replay the tape back to herself. She studied tape, listened to the sounds and picturing the motioned in her head. “Once you enter into the performance state you can push your body to do things you absolutely could never normally do.” Abramovic had mentioned this statement when she had complete this piece. You can really see that she pushes herself to the limit with what does does for the sake of art.

Week 7 Artist of the Week: Janet Cardiff


Janet Cardiff was born in Canada in 1957. She works primarily with sound installations and sounds by itself. You will see Janet Cardiff work along side of her husband, George Bures Miller. Cardiff had met her husband while they were both studying at Edmonton. Currently both are living and working out of Berlin. The first time that Cardiff had gained family in the art world on an international level was in 1995 for her audio walks.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.02.30 PM

Cardiff had grown up in Brussels Ontario Canada in a small village. She had attended Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. Then in 1980 she had earned her BFA. She moved on to studying at the University of Alberta where she earned here MVA in 1983. Cardiff at this point had been trained in, from her schooling, printmaking and photography. Looking at some of Cardiff’s early work, she had done large scale silkscreening.  (Silk Screen image from

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 11.38.50 PM

Cardiff is best known for her art walks. For these’s works they are site specific works within the gallery or museum. Here is a youtube video of an inside view of how Cardiff and her husband work on an installation. The video is called “Lost in memory palace”. ( What is nice about this video is that it gives us as a viewer what the mindset of the artist. What really goes into their art.

Week 7 Activity: Snap Chat

Snap chat is just another way for us to get in touch with our friends. This weekend I was defiantly the annoying friend how snap chatted a little to much. Sorry for the photos are out of order of when I took them.

This snap chat was down in San Diego. This is the weekend when Comi Con is in town. Needed a little pick me up while getting some donuts. This is defiantly a super hero for me.


I have a soft spot for sun sets and making them artisty


My friend and I decided to try out this Donut place in downtown San Diego for donuts. Because it was comi con this weekend they has some super hero themed donuts like Captain American, The Joker (Bat Man), and more.

Donut time

The name of this Place is called Donut Bar. I waited in line for about an hour and a half just to get donuts. I know it was a bit crazy. But it was worth it!

Donut Bar       

If you go to the Donut Bar’s instagram (@donutbar), You will see Conian O’Brian posing with donuts like this one here. Needed to get a snap of this since I too am a ginger.

o brian

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